Our Philosophy

MADCAPS is a place for early learning where parents can choose to leave their children in a safe, loving and nurturing environment that allows children to belong, be and become. We value our staff as our greatest asset and as educators they will help support children’s learning through stimulating environments and best practice. We acknowledges the importance of early childhood development, taking a holistic approach to each child’s physical, personal, social and emotional well being, as well as the cognitive aspects of learning. We aim to create a sense of belonging where children and staff can develop self-confidence, feel valued, connect to others and develop relationships whilst having a day that’s full of fun.


  • We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and believe that all children should be treated equally and their cultural diversity embraced and acknowledged.
  • We value children’s capacities and abilities and respect differences in families’ home lives.

Children and Families

  • We encourage open, honest and positive communication between staff and families to develop strong partnerships.
  • We provide warm, affectionate and responsive relationships to all children and encourage children to treat others with care, empathy and respect.
  • We provide a secure, caring and enriched environment that promotes learning and development of the whole child.
  • We value play as a primary form of experiencing learning that is engaging and helps children make sense of the world.
  • We provide experiences for children to learn, discover, create, improvise and imagine, both through intentional teaching and by allowing children to just ‘be’.
  • We believe that each family is as unique as the child that is being cared for. We are sensitive to the needs of our families and believe parent involvement in their child’s activity plays an important part in the child’s development.


  • We aim to provide a program that reflects both group and individual needs through ongoing observations and reflections. These are reflected in daily journals and individual portfolios.
  • We acknowledge the importance of daily routines such as eating, toileting and dressing as opportunities for learning and social development.
  • We encourage good nutrition. Healthy eating can stabilise children’s energy, sharpen their minds and even out their moods.
  • We provide learning environments which are vibrant, flexible spaces that are responsive to the interests and abilities of each child.
  • We provide sustainable practices.

Staff and Community

  • We support and encourage staff in professional development by providing training and professional networking opportunities.
  • We provide a safe working environment for staff and a safe, healthy and well supervised environment for children.
  • The Management Committee and staff will abide by the relevant laws and policies that relate to the provision of quality children’s services.